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Contributor Compensation

Compensation Structure

Base Compensation in ETH or Stablecoins

Contributors may choose when to receive their ETH / Stablecoin payment in their contributor proposal.

50/50 Payment Structure

Often, contributors request 50% payment at the passing of their Alchemy proposal and the remaining 50% on the date that their contributor proposal period ends. However, this is not a fixed standard and may be requested differently depending on the circumstances. If you’re not requesting a 50/50 split, provide justification for a different payment structure and request feedback from community members.

DXD Compensation on Top of Base Compensation

DXD is locked with ⅓ vesting after 1 year of the contributor contract start date, and the remaining ⅔ is vested through a linear schedule after the 1-year cliff, fully vested at 3 years. Contributors may not request liquid DXD in their contributor proposals.

Determination of Price

ETH payment is determined by the price of ETH at the date and time of proposal submission. Because of the high volatility of ETH price, contributors may also determine the ETH payment based on the weekly average of the ETH price.

DXD payment is set to market price, determined by taking the average DXD price over the last 1 month in US dollars calculated on Swapr.


Contributors that commit at least 40 hours per week to DXdao receive 0.1667% REP per month. Contributors that are working less than 40 hours per week should calculate the amount of REP they receive in proportion to the amount of hours per week they contribute to DXdao. Like payments, REP is requested on a 50/50 basis, at the beginning of the work period and at the end of the work period in the contributor’s second payment request.

New contributors (2.5 month period): Like your salary, REP is calculated on a prorated basis. For the 2-week trial period, you may claim 0.0417% REP (50% rate). REP for the first two (2) months of work is prorated to an 80% rate at 0.1333% per month.

  • In the first contributor proposal on Alchemy, request 0.175% REP for your first 1.5 months of work.

  • In the contributor payment request on Alchemy at the end of your work period, request 0.1333% REP for the second month of work.

Contributors that have completed their first 2.5 months with DXdao: You will request one (1) month of REP (0.1167%) in the first contributor proposal and one (1) month of REP (0.1167%) in the contributor payment request at the end of the 2-month work period, totalling two (2) months of REP. Adjust this logically if your work period is for longer or shorter than the standard 2-month period.

A single contributor may receive a maximum of 4% REP for their paid contributions to DXdao.

Calculating Monthly Compensation For Contributor Proposals

  1. Pick your experience Level 1 through 8, based on experience guidelines (below) and in consultation with the DXdao community.

  2. Select Base Salary + DXD from the DXdao Compensation Table (below).

  3. If opting for part-time work, multiply these numbers by % of time or intended hrs/week divided by 40.

  4. Determine 50% of full salary, if during the 2-week trial period, AND determine 80% of salary for the following two (2) months for the first contributor proposal. After the first contributor proposal for 2.5 months of work, salary is paid at 100% rate.

DXdao Compensation Table:

Experience LevelMonthly Base Compensation
Level 1$3,000
Level 2$4,000
Level 3$5,000
Level 4$6,000
Level 5$7,000
Level 6$8,000
Level 7$9,000
Level 8$9,000
Experience LevelMonthly DXD Compensation
Level 1$1,500
Level 2$2,000
Level 3$3,000
Level 4$4,000
Level 5$5,000
Level 6$6,000
Level 7$7,500
Level 8$9,500

Experience Guidelines:

  1. I’m just starting out and looking to gain experience. I’m passionate about DXdao, DAOs, DeFi and decentralization and eager to contribute in any way!

  2. I have limited skills from previous experiences that will carry over in my work for DXdao, but I do have some web development work, prior writing experience or business development.

  3. I have skills and experience in Web3/DeFi/DAOs that translate directly to DXdao. I can provide value to key initiatives for DXdao but need guidance on how to complete and check tasks.

  4. I have a clear track record for success in my specific field. I might not have as much experience with crypto, but still have relevant prior experience. I can work independently on tasks assigned to them but still require some direction and review.

  5. I have sought after skills in Web3/DeFi/DAOs. I understand the industry and how to operate the tools needed for their trade. I can own tasks assigned to them, carrying them independently to completion. I can begin to formulate my own ideas for product ideas or DXdao initiatives.

  6. I have been around the block and am interested in furthering my career with DXdao. I can collaborate easily with other contributors and manage their own scope of work.

  7. I have thorough experience in my vertical as well as Web3/DeFi/DAOs. I am reliable and effective at completing tasks, and may even drive certain initiatives.

  8. I am considered to be among the best in their field and have extensive experience with Web3/DeFi/DAOs.

Example Compensation Structure

Experience Level: 3

Time commitment: 100%; full-time

Monthly Salary:

  • $5,000 (ETH) distributed monthly

  • $3,000 (DXD) vested continuously over two years with a one year cliff

  • 0.1667% REP (voting power in DXdao)