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Hitchhiker’s guide to DXgov!

What is DXgov?

DXgov is the squad responsible for and umbrella term for all our governance products. This includes the internal development of our own DAO as well as external facing products to serve and govern other DAOs. Our current products include:

  • DXvote
    • Our internal governance application
    • Governance 2.0 platform - IN DEVELOPMENT

DXvote was the first step taken to owning our own governance solution and interface. It can also be seen as the first step towards Governance 2.0 which is the ultimate goal of DXgov. Alongside DXvote we began using our own architecture alongside the legacy DAOstack architecture. This makes a number of improvements but its most important aspect is allowing us to control our governance platform.

The groundwork laid by DXvote allows us to build the next step in governance, Governance 2.0. Long talked about this provides a solution to the current state of governance and a way past the current standard of DAOs by providing all the features our governance system has with a more inclusive, fair voting power formula.

The other larger goal discovered by market interest in what DXgov is building is to build a platform around governance 2.0 allowing other organizations to easily spin up a next generation DAO configured for their needs.

Along the way we have also developed a completely separate set of minimal governance tools using standalone contracts and architecture. Guilds gives us the opportunity to improve on the current “standard” of governance in the space with liquid ERC20 token voting with a more decentralized solution. This is meant as a smaller DAO for DXdao’s individual products or as a stepping stone to Gov 2.0 or even as a tool to replace multisigs.


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