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DXventures is a focused, internal investment fund to seek out and invest in promising projects that are solving the pain points of decentralized organizations.

Why DXventures is important for DXdao

The DXdao community has been actively discussing the topic of “How does DXdao collaborate, incubate, and partner with entrepreneurs, projects, and communities?” often as part of the DXbiz Weekly Meeting and in discussion channels.

DXdao is already having conversations with a few projects about funding needs to accelerate the progress of those projects. DXventures is a way to formally establish a program within DXdao to pursue these opportunities. DXventures will also be a beneficial addition to DXdao’s use of its treasury, becoming a key part of its diversified holdings.

DXventures is a great way to create deal flow for Mesa and Swapr. You can imagine a clear path for ideas to become revenue-generating entities:

  • Pain point for decentralized org
  • Team with idea to solve pain point
  • DXventures provides seed funding for team to build out idea
  • DXdao funds and/or incubates
  • Solution gains traction (and is used by DXdao)
  • IDO on Mesa for token sale
  • Swapr liquidity for secondary trading
  • Further relationship with project

Open Call to Projects that are Solving the Needs of DAOs

If you are an individual or team that is solving the pain points that DAOs face, and you are interested in learning more about DXventures, please join the DXdao Discord and let us know what you are working on!

Looking to make an inquiry in private?

Contact Sky, the current DXventures squad lead, on DAOtalk or Keybase.