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DIY Liquidity Mining

Swapr introduced Do-It-Yourself “DIY” Liquidity Mining. This has proven to be a valuable tool to many communities in the space.

The DIY Liquidity Mining feature in Swapr allows anyone to permissionlessly create Reward pools for any token pair with any reward token. This is done with a no-code interface.

  1. To start, go to “Liquidity” in the Swapr menu.

    You will find a view of all the token pair pools that exist on Swapr.

  2. If the pair you wish to incentivize already exists, move on to step No3. If it does not exist, select “Create Pair” to provide liquidity.

  3. Once your pair is created, select “Rewards” from the top menu for a view of all existing farming campaigns, and then select “Create Campaign” to bring you to the “Create a liquidity mining pool” interface, where you will set up your new liquidity mining campaign.

  4. This interface will allow you to preview and create a liquidity mining pool on Swapr.

    First, choose one or multiple rewards (currently only the Single Reward Pool is enabled in Swapr Beta).

    Second, select the “Liquidity Pair” pool you want to incentivize and then the “Reward Token” that users can earn.

    You can search for pairs of a certain token. For example, see all pairs with GNO token.

    Let’s choose the WETH/GNO pair and reward it with SWPR token.

    Third, choose Select the Reward Amount.

    Let’s set the Total Reward to be 20,000 SWPR with an Unlimited pool size.

    Note: You also have the option to Limit the pool size. Putting a cap on a reward pool’s liquidity size can provide a better liquidity-to-reward ratio for LPs, in certain cases.

    Fourth, choose the Duration and start/end time of the campaign.

    Let’s run this campaign for one month. And let’s also set Timelock to “On” which requires stakers to participate in the campaign for the entire one month period.

    Note: you can set Timelock to “Off” which allows users to unstake from the Rewards Pool at anytime.

    The final view is to Preview, Approve and Create the Mining Pool

    You can see all the details summarized here:

    Finally, press the “Approve Reward Token” button and confirm the transaction to give token permission to Swapr.

    Then, press the “Deposit & Create” button and confirm the transaction to finish the job.

  5. Go back to “Pairs & Rewards” and you will find your Liquidity Mining Campaign.