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DXdao has five regular calls held weekly. They are as follows:

  • BizDev: DXdao Business Development, ecosystem discussion, and associated topics. Held on Mondays.
  • Development: DXdao development and technical discussion. Held on Tuesdays.
  • Governance: DXdao Governance discussion. Held on Wednesdays.
  • Community: DXdao community calls. Held on Thursdays.
  • Product Strategy: Strategy surrounding DXdao’s product suite, and resource coordination. Held on Fridays.


The calendar found below includes information for each DXdao call, including any public meetings or events that do not fall into the typical schedule. Clicking on an event will show the meeting link, and associated notes or recordings. This applies retroactively, and as such can be used to find information from previous meetings.

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